How to Make Big Colleges Feel Small

Around the country, most of the big colleges like ASU, Ohio State, Florida State with over 40000 students on a single campus feel amazingly huge. You see so many people walking around that you see for the first time and probably will not ever see again. You are surrounded by so many people who just seem to walk around like busy, going somewhere or chatting in groups. You then tell yourself why is this place so big, I feel like a no one.

To bridge the gap, you try to be friends with everyone you can come across, you try to join every club possible. But even after that, you still think the school campus is still super huge. So the questions comes up, how to make your school community appear small.

Whatever you try to do, there is always a time that you feel that there are so much more people around that you have never seen. You could just ignore the fact and walk with your group of friends and forget the rest or you can try your best to be. Popular.

There are various was to become Mr. popular in school. You could be the star quarterback on the team or the running back. You could have the Basketball team star point guard or President of the Student Government, but for the normal student, the key of becoming this easily lays on the school kiosks system, where about 80% of the cool stuff in school are advertised.

In small schools where a large noticeboard can be visible by some students who can pass the word to the rest it may work. But these big colleges their job is inert. Now a very good solution to solve that would be a website for college students that would allow them post up events in that way way to allow many more students to see what is happening in their school.

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