Spring Break 101: A History of College Spring Break

Spring break is a yearly gathering of college and high school students that occurs during a break in the academic period. Because of a lull in school sessions, the students make the most out of this vacation by engaging in fun activities that they normally cannot enjoy when school starts. Spring break is associated with fun and adventure and most events are held at beaches not only across the country but also in other countries as well. It is one of the highlights in college life and should be spent with fun in mind to make it very enjoyable and memorable.

When Does Spring Break Start?

Spring break is celebrated normally between the 21st of February and April 1. Recently, the US K-12 institutions have been regularly scheduling it in the Easter and Passover period. The break usually runs for a week or two which is more than enough time to enjoy the vacation.

Where Did Spring Break Originate?

Spring break is said to have been celebrated first in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 1935. The celebrations became so huge over the years that local residents began to object the influx of visitors to the point where the local government raised the local minimum drinking age to 21. This caused the number of vacationers to slowly drop from the 350,000 who used to visit during the years before. Because of this, students began looking for international destinations to spend their breaks.

Students who did not wish to travel far began spending their breaks in Daytona Beach, Florida but the local residents and local government took stand just as in Fort Lauderdale. Meanwhile, locals in Panama City Beach, Florida welcomed the visitors because they play a huge role in the local economy. Up to now, many students still congregate to Panama City Beach each year during this period.

Popular Spring Break Destinations

Aside from Panama City Beach, there are other popular destinations in the United States. Several of the popular US destinations are located in Florida including South Beach in Miami and Daytona Beach.

Panama City Beach each is an iconic destination with pearly white sands and clear emerald waters. It also has other activities for vacationers such as aquatic sports to educational aquariums and museums. South Beach has first class hotels and restaurants as well as top entertainment hubs. Daytona Beach meanwhile is a favorite of vacationers who bring along their cars and bikes because of the ample parking spaces.

Outside Florida, students can also enjoy the beaches in South Padre Island, Texas. It is among the top 30 beaches in the world and offers a wide range of activities for vacationers without having to stretch their budget.

For international spring break destinations, Cancun in Mexico is without a doubt the most popular. It has everything a good vacation destination aimed at young kids has including beautiful beaches, first class hotels and restaurants, and an active nightlife. Mazatlan is another perfect destination in Mexico. Like Cancun, it has all the amenities that students look for but is more affordable.

The Bahamas is one of the most visited destinations because of its beautiful beaches and its close proximity to the United States. Vacationers who are willing to pay more for a more enjoyable vacation can go for a Bahamas cruise or visit the beautiful and majestic beaches of Freeport and Nassau.

Other popular destinations outside the United States include Negril, Jamaica and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Fun Spring Break Activities

Aside from the enjoying the beach, there are loads of other things you can do to make your vacation more enjoyable. While vacationers mostly spend their spring break with friends, you can make the trip more worthwhile by making more friends.

Because vacationers typically spend most of their time on the beach, they can enjoy a number of aquatic sports and activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, boating, skurfing, skiing, fishing, jet skiing, parasailing, rafting, sailing, skimboarding, and windsurfing to name a few.

Clubbing and enjoying nightlife are also two things that students can enjoy in their vacation. There is no shortage of clubs and night life establishments that line the beach especially during spring break.

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